by David Williams

David Williams has studied the work of the great gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt for decades, first coming upon his musicianship when David took mandolin lessons with Jethro Burns, of HOMER & JETHRO fame (Jethro had based his style on Django’s guitar work).  David and Jethro became friends and traveled and did some shows together, as David studied with America’s master jazz mandolin guru for some 3 years.  David started the Hot Club of the Rockies, the first gypsy jazz band on the Front Range, when moving to Colorado in 1998, making friends with others in the CO community like Archtop Eddie, and Charlie Prozenza, who were also masters of gypsy jazz music.  Over the years, David has been writing songs in the style, incorporating his way with words with the instrumental magic of this infectious music that does everything from make you happy to make you weep. Four of David’s songs in the style are featured here: “Frozen in the Ice Age,” “Bals Musette,” “Who Let that Django Jazz Into the Room,” and “Waltzing With that Big Fat Moon.”  There are also gypsy jazz standard instrumentals covered here from David’s previous band, Deco Django, featuring the great Bill Pontarelli on clarinet (Best in the West).


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