Bringing the Sciences & Arts Together

David Williams has worked for years to bring the Sciences and Arts together.  His new book, THE TRICKSTER BRAIN: Neuroscience, Evolution, and Narrative is in part a call to bring scientific paradigms into the study of literature.

David has worked for years as an Artist-in-the-Schools as a writer, composer, playwright, and musician to bring alive scientific ideas for children through art.  An Emmy winner for his work writing songs about nature for PBS, videos of David’s songs have had over 30 million hits on youtube and can be seen here under the link “CHILDREN’S MUSIC VIDEOS FROM PBS.”  In addition, David has worked for years with Wild Bear Mountain Nature Center, writing songs about the flora and fauna of the Colorado Rockies, traveled to China to sing songs about animals to kids (below), and visited hundreds of schools throughout the US.  David is also a children’s author with Random House (Walking to the Creek, Grandma Essie’s Covered Wagon, and the latter is used in McGraw-Hill’s 5th grade reader, so millions of kids have read this story as part of their education into American history).

David is available for residencies at elementary schools to write musical plays on environmental themes, to speak to teachers on how to bring science alive in the classroom through the arts, and to do presentations of his eco songs.  Please contact Trapdoor Media at 720-308-0915 or


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